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To foster the next generation of empowered artists to their professional dance career.

The Bridge is about connection. Connecting dancers to professionals. Connecting people to peers. Connecting artists to opportunities. We combine an intense training curriculum while encouraging dancers to develop as both artists and as people. From classical, contemporary, and neuromuscular techniques, to commercial dance, psychological skills, and wellness, The Bridge provides dancers the tools they need to succeed throughout long, healthy careers. Our experienced faculty understands that it takes more than an incredible dancer to have a flourishing career. The roster of renowned mentors offers dancers an incomparable, multifaceted and expansive training program. Because one-on-one mentorship is integral to building and deepening relationships, there will be a limited number of dancers invited to join the program. The Bridge has no affiliation with a degree granting institution.


The why behind The Bridge Movement

in the words of Artistic Director, Stacey Tookey. 

“As a young dancer, I remember venturing out on my own professional career. The moment it all becomes real and you reach that “jumping off” point into the unknown. So many questions arise- “Am I good enough?”, “Where do I belong?”, “What should be my first step?”, “Will I make it?”. There are just so many different directions to choose from and this can be very overwhelming for a dancer with high hopes and big dreams...I lived this truth. Equally exhilarated and terrified, I took the leap off of nothing hoping to land on something and boy am I glad I did! Looking back on my path as a professional dancer and now choreographer/director & educator, I realize one big thing…it has been far from a clear or linear path. In fact there have been so many turns, circles and obstacles along the way that I have lost count. The thing that I didn’t realize until I was much older is that with every "misstep” comes a little miracle. A lesson that either changed the trajectory of my life in a necessary way, introduced me to someone that helped shape me or simply revealed what I didn’t want…..all just a small part of the experience of becoming me. Having the pandemic literally stop us all in our tracks provided me space and time to realize how deep my passion for mentoring students who are embarking on a professional career truly was. I listened over and over to dancers asking for advice, looking for programs that could truly prepare them for their career and support them in their personal struggles. I realized quickly that my expansive experience and unpredictable career thus far has taught me so much and I really wanted to share everything with them. I also I couldn’t think of a program that prepared dancers for a career alongside teaching them the necessary physical and mental wellness tools that I feel are essential for success in this industry today. I quickly acted on the impulse of starting The Bridge Movement over zoom and was supported wholeheartedly by some of the industry's most sought after choreographers, creators and teachers. I knew if I had stories that could help guide dancers that they did too, and collectively we could really make a difference. We all believe in a new way of preparing dancers, allowing them access to the most diverse and impactful training but also giving them the tools they need to practice essential self care and have long and fulfilling careers. I want young dancers to benefit from the lessons all the mentors have learned along the way, as well as support them while they learn lessons of their own. This is the heartbeat of The Bridge Movement.”

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